What’s New in Tech for 2014?

Okay, then. The year 2014 is stipulated to be the year of the wearable camera. Guess we’ll see about that. This year’s New Year New Tech Gear on Amazon promises you a slew of devices that even the technophobic will appreciate. Surely, the first tech item you’ll want–a must for experimental photographers–is the iVUE Camera Glasses, which […]

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Inside Drac’s Castle

Inside Dracula’s Castle You can’t go to Transylvania without seeing Bran Castle, or Dracula’s Castle, the number one tourist destination in the Eastern European country of Romania. Dracula’s story is based on the notoriously cruel Vlad the Impaler, a menacing personality who terrorized 15th Century Romania. He saw crimes in terms of any actions that […]

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Portraits with Closed Eyes

Catching a person whose eyes are closed can lead to a compelling shot. Don’t be so fast to dump your portraits because the subjects’ eyes are closed. Closed eyes can show bliss and satisfaction, as you can see from this women at a rally in Palm Springs, CA. In addition closed eyes can reveal arduous […]

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