Sunday, January 15, 2006

Art Gallery Show at M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs

Mamie Van Doren walked into M Modern Gallery last night with a smile and coyness that only a blonde bombshell can offer.

Many young and middle-aged attendees wondered who this bombshell was.

A refresher:

She's Swedish

She was an usherette at the Pantages

In 1949, she was "Miss Palm Springs"

She said one word, "look," in the RKO movie, "Jet Pilot"

A Hollywood studio decided that she should have the same name as Mamie Eisenhower (She had been named Joan after Joan Crawford)

In 1953, she played a girl from "the other side of the tracks" in "All American"

She's internet savvy with a powerful weblog

The show went on with Atomic dancers

And other Blonde Bombshells

Including, David, whose works were in the show and who works at the gallery.

The gallery run by Jay and MiShell were no less for the wear in hosting such an event. As was son, Matthew.

There were also platinum blondes.

Cherry Capri
was there.

And others who came to join in modern art's shot at the Blonde Bombshell.

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