Down, down, down

Down, down, down


Part of the machine in the Potosi mint. The city’s top $ getter for centuries was the silver that was mined underground.

One of hundreds of colonial homes that dot the Bolivian landscape and grace the city.

Ba rump, pa-pa, pum, the drummer boys are ubicutious as are the bands that play day and night for-I-don’t-know-why. But, hey, why not?

Sitting here in the Cochabomba airport there is much to admire. It’s a pretty place– a high ceiling made of copper planks that wrap the passangers in one giant well-designed package.

So how’d my buddy and me get here from Potosi (pics below)? We hired a cab for the 3 hour trip winding down the Andes. It was 120 bolivianos–that would be about $15.

Then we caught a flight from Sucre, and getting on board was a snap as there was no passanger security check. Geeze that brought back memories of days when I didn’t have to take off my shoes, belt, change and other garbage out of my pockets. How sweet it was.

Also, just as you may have your own ideas about what Bolivia is like (the U.S. media would have you belive it’s in trouble, but so not so). The pres here (Morales) is working on getting the campesions (peasents) medical care, jobs and housing.

Bolivia is very much better than the last time I was here some 8 years ago. Heck I can’t complain this airport has airport (wireless).


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