A Minaret

A Minaret


HI’m back home in Palm Springs now. I’m ambivelent about being in a place called home.

Being on the road or in the air builds up a certain kind adrenaline, an expose of foreign sights, sounds, textures and feelings–senses that bring about thoughts of past travels and childhood dreams.

For example, while I was in Tempe, AZ, I saw this minaret right in the middle of Arizona State University, part of a busy mosque. Minerates remind me of soft Turkish towns among olive green, human-figured slopes of what I’d imagine to be Eden.

On a photo note: I believe I have a high-ISO addiction, always shooting at night at 800 or 1600 ISO. I know that my images will have lower resolution than if I shot with a tripod and lower ISOs.

After admitting this first step of dependence on a camera setting, I have now made a decision to open the door for changing to better resolution opportunities.


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