Shocking Static

Shocking Static


Absolutely it was a great venue for the mellowest of evenings until something shocking happened while jazz pumped through a club in Buenos Aires.

Now to an Important elementary school science lesson–static electricty, the electricty made when you walk across a carpet so that electrons move from the rug to you, giving you extra electrons. Touch another person and ZAP! The the other person is a conductor. The electrons move from you to the him/her and you get a


Q: SO WhaH hAppEn iF yOu mISSed THat LesSOn?
A: When you get shocked, you won’t know what hit you.

Exactly, and that’s what happened when I touched a waitress in the club, and she got the heck shocked out of her. One giant spark of fiery static electricity set her in a rage.

She quickly turned around ready to slap me. Then she twirled around the room in a daze, circling around me as if I were a space creature.

Meantime, the staff was wondering what happened.

I yelled in Spanish….ese es electricidad statitica!!!! Again and again I recited to the staff what this phenomena was.

They laughed.

The waitress flit among the crowd, buzzed and curious to what the man with the shock gave her.


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