Martin Kimas Photography’s Technical Perfection

Martin Kimas Photography’s Technical Perfection

Courtesy of Foley Gallery

A steel ball striking a vase creating a small explosion in which the flowers in the vase remain unharmed while the vase blows apart would appear to be an impossible feat, but isn’t as shown in an image of more than a dozen shot up flower arrangements.

The technical expertise with which Kilmas sets up and shoots his photos is sheer perfection. The lighting, color coordination and flower arrangement is on par with Mapplethorpe’s analysis of the same subject matter, but much more disturbing, so much so that the artist of the earlier era would be stunned if he could see it.

While Mapplethorpe’s work can be emulated today easily in Photoshop, few if any could set up shots as Kilmas has.

Kilmas is indeed a new master photographer of the twenty-first century.


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