Ten Street Photography Tips for the Daring–Part 1

By Matthew Bamberg / Feb 25, 2013
Shoot the freaky
Watch for men dressed as woman

Street photography is a craft of its own, independent of any kind of other photography. It takes a bit of assertiveness, friendliness and, most of all, astuteness. Ten Street Photography Tips for the Daring comes in two parts, this post and the Ten Street Photography Tips for the Daring Part 2. Once you start shooting photography on the street, you won’t want to stop.

They tell you when you go to iffy areas of town to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. This advice applies ten-fold for street photographers. You have to be looking everywhere, creating imaginative juxtapositions of all kinds of characters among their surroundings.

I call the people in my street photographs characters because they are the essence of a story I want to tell through my lens, any kind of story, really–poignant, annoying, exciting and/or depressing. In fact a street photograph can be all of these at once.

Finally, the number one rule about street photography is to always have a camera with you, even if it’s your cell phone. Remember, too, that the only camera you have is the one with you.

Photograph an animal sitting in a chair
Watch for unusual backgrounds
Find a child carrying something
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Matthew Bamberg

Matthew Bamberg has provided photographs and written articles for various Southern California newspapers and magazines, including The Desert Sun and The Press-Enterprise. More recently, Matt has been teaching at UC Riverside while also authoring several books like the Quick and Easy Secrets book series (Cengage), Killer Photos with Your iPhone (with Kris Krug and Greg Ketchum, Cengage), the 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco (Cengage) and Digital Art Photography For Dummies (Wiley).