Photographing Flowers Part 2—Cameras and Lenses

Photographing Flowers Part 2—Cameras and Lenses


Flowers are candy to a photographer. Their beauty in spring gives photographers of all levels a special opportunity to shoot some of the most beautiful objects on earth.

You can shoot flowers with any lens, each giving different results, the best coming from a macro lens. While a macro lens on a dSLR offers the sharpest close-ups of flowers, most point-and-digital cameras and cell phone cameras are also capable of taking some excellent flower photographs.

Both point-and-shoot lenses and phone camera lenses shoot flower images just as well as a dSLR with a kit lens and/or some macro lenses. This fact may surprise you because the point-and-shoots and camera phone cameras are much less expensive than cameras with larger sensors.

There is a simple explanation as to why point-and-shoot cameras are so good at taking close-ups of small subjects and objects. Macro photography is defined to have a 1:1 ratio between the object and sensor. For a dSLR camera with a full size sensor to be 1:1, you need a 35 mm object to fill a frame. Point and shoot and camera phones have much smaller sensors so that a much smaller object will fill the frame, giving more sharp close-up details.

If you have a choice between a dSLR camera and a point-and-shoot for flower photography, go with the later. Since a point-and-shoot cameras (and phone cameras) are  easier to maneuver than a dSLR, put one in your pocket for shooting the spring flowers you will want to stop to shoot when hiking or biking.


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