Atlantic City Boardwalk before Hurricane Sandy in HDR

Atlantic City Boardwalk before Hurricane Sandy in HDR

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Atlantic City before Hurricane Sandy in HDR

Last October Hurricane Sandy struck with vengeance, wiping out the much of the famed boardwalk.

Here is Atlantic City as it stood in the September before the hurricane. Top winds that hit the resort city were 77 mph, but that’s not what did the most damage. Sandy’s storm surge did.

The hurricane was a freak occurance in that it moved in from the east, which is the direction that produces the largest  storm just north of the hurricane (think of storm spinning counter-clockwise, causing strong easterly winds push water inland north of the hurricane).

The Northeast had not ever recorded a westward-moving hurricane moving into the area. Usually hurricanes move north-northeast quite a distance off the coast, missing the Northeast megalopolis, so this could have been a first-ever event. Records only go back to the end of the nineteenth century.

You can probably expect that a repeat of this event isn’t likely to happen for a  long, long time, climatologically speaking…but one never knows with global warming changing the earth and its atmosphere at a meteoric pace.


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