Sit in the Front of the Bus for the Best Photo Opportunity

By Matthew Bamberg / Jun 25, 2013
If you’re on a bus, sit in the first seat up-front to capture subjects straight-on.

Want a good image from the best vantage point possible, an image that can be taken through a polarizing filter? Then sit in the first seat up-front on a bus (this image was taken from a Premira Plus bus in Mexico). The front window is polarized to give you shot some good lighting if the sun is shining brightly on your subject.

This tactic works particularly well when you’re taking the buses in Mexico because in the the cities there are often street performers engaging in activities that you never thought possible. The guy in the image above is using sticks to keep a baton-like object in the air, hitting it while lifting his leg and jumping in the air. I managed to catch him frozen with my Canon 5D while the bus has stopped at a traffic signal. The guy performs on the corner where the light is red so that his audience is a line of vehicles stopped at the signal.

To be sure, this only works if the vehicle you are in is the first in the line of the stopped vehicles, which somewhat minimizes the chance that you’ll get the shot in the same way as it was taken above. If you’re in Mexico City, there’s a good chance you’ll get a shot like this because on some days there are street performers at nearly every stop light.

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Matthew Bamberg

Matthew Bamberg has provided photographs and written articles for various Southern California newspapers and magazines, including The Desert Sun and The Press-Enterprise. More recently, Matt has been teaching at UC Riverside while also authoring several books like the Quick and Easy Secrets book series (Cengage), Killer Photos with Your iPhone (with Kris Krug and Greg Ketchum, Cengage), the 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco (Cengage) and Digital Art Photography For Dummies (Wiley).