10 Tips for Making Money with Photography the Easy Way

By Matthew Bamberg / Jul 4, 2013
Aim high if you want to be a successful photographer who makes money

Making money with your photography is easy if you are organized, focused and positive. Here are 10 tips to make money fast.

You won’t be a millionaire, but you can develop a good monthly income if you follow them:

In order to make money you have to be organized
1. When submitting microstock photography don’t submit one at a time. Have your photos by like subject so you can submit dozens at one time.
2. Spend at least an hour a day organizing your photos.
3. To submit work to an online fine art photography website (called POD, Print on Demand), have your photos sorted by attention-getting themes so people will have the opportunity to buy more than one quickly to have a set of similar photos.

In order to make money, you have to be focused:
4. Develop a niche subject to photograph and stick with it.
5. Choose a photography genre that interests you and produce technically adept and compelling images that people will want to buy.
6. Teach others by blogging about your genre or subject matter to get recognized as a pro in the field.
7. Creatively rank (put in order) your priorities, ranking the one that will make you money number one.

In order to make money you have to be positive:

8. Give yourself “can do” statements. Every time you think of not being able to do something, immediately switch that thought to a positive, “I can do that!”
9. Start the day with positive affirmations about your work.
10. Know that when you work hard and stay focused that you will succeed.

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