Portraits with Closed Eyes

By Matthew Bamberg / Jul 10, 2013
Catching a person whose eyes are closed can lead to a compelling shot.

Don’t be so fast to dump your portraits because the subjects’ eyes are closed. Closed eyes can show bliss and satisfaction, as you can see from this women at a rally in Palm Springs, CA.

In addition closed eyes can reveal arduous efforts by women to make the lids not only presentable, but also photogenic.

About the author

Matthew Bamberg

Matthew Bamberg has provided photographs and written articles for various Southern California newspapers and magazines, including The Desert Sun and The Press-Enterprise. More recently, Matt has been teaching at UC Riverside while also authoring several books like the Quick and Easy Secrets book series (Cengage), Killer Photos with Your iPhone (with Kris Krug and Greg Ketchum, Cengage), the 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco (Cengage) and Digital Art Photography For Dummies (Wiley).