Resale Values for Your Camera–Making Money Reselling Your Camera

By Matthew Bamberg / Jul 8, 2013
Image taken with a Canon 5D Mark II.

The process of buying a new camera and making some extra money selling the old, used camera begins with shopping for a good camera that meets your needs. If you want to sell your photos to make money, then you’re going to have to buy a dSLR or mirrorless camera, both of which come with big sensors. Big sensors are an absolute must for making money with your photographs.

Every photographer comes to the day where he/she needs a new camera. The necessity of buying a new camera ranges from pending to dire. If it’s the former, you might run into a good buy and pick one up for a good price. If it’s the later you’ll want to go out and buy a new camera right away.

I experienced the later about six months ago when my Canon 5D went on the fritz. I ended up buying a Canon 5D Mark II because not only did the price drop because it came out a few years prior, but also because it was a downright dependable, well-made camera, unlike some of the newer full-frame Canons.

The time to sell your own camera comes after the shopping task. You can sell your old camera to a camera shop or on Amazon or ebay. The most difficult part of this process is setting a price for your old camera. The best way to set a price for your old camra so that you make as much money as possible is to research what others are selling their camera for.

I’ll do that for you here with two full-frame (sensor size 24x36mm) dSLRs.

Canon 5D Mark II used sells for about $1,200-$1,800
Nikon D600 used sells for about $1,500

Considering the 5D Mark II camera sells for $2,500 and the Nikon for about $2000, that’s not a bad price to get for a used camera. Also, it looks as if the Nikon has a better resale value. If you’re a Canon user, that just might have you changing brands.

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