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Why Americans Aren’t Buying Mirrorless Cameras

By Matthew Bamberg / Jun 20, 2013

The USA Today published an article about how Americans haven’t taken to the mirrorless cameras. Sales appear to be declining, creating the possibility that the mirrorless camera might not make it in the market. The article briefly states a few reasons–the autofocus isn’t very good and  many consumers don’t know about it. Also, they buy […]


Drawing from a Photograph in Photoshop or Elements

By Matthew Bamberg / Jun 17, 2013

Drawing from photo in Photoshop or Elements After making a photograph look like a painting, the next best project for your art is to tweak it into a drawing. They’re a myriad ways that you can do this in Photoshop and Elements. The following procedure is only one way and a pretty good one at […]


HDR Doesn’t Have to Look Overprocessed

By Matthew Bamberg / Jun 14, 2013

Learning to shoot three or more images of different exposures and combining them using software such as Photoshop CS 5/6 HDR Pro (part of Photoshop CS 5) or Photomatix is not all that difficult. In my book Beginning HDR Photography,  you can learn the workflow (steps) to make a variety of HDR photographs, which add detail […]


Samsung S4–Smart Phone that’s a Point-and-Shoot Camera

By Matthew Bamberg / Jun 12, 2013

Hot on the heels of the iPhone 5 is the Samsung Galaxy 4, heading toward a number one finish in the sales numbers. The Samsung S4 camera reviews are pouring in. Why? It’s the camera! At 16 MP with a 10X zoom lens, which makes the device look like a point-and-shoot, it usurps Apple’s iPhone […]


Islamic District in Cairo–A Must-See

By Matthew Bamberg / Jun 9, 2013

People in Cairo’s Islamic District While Cairo’s Islamic District is filled with beautiful mosques and restaurants, it’s the people that make this place. For a Westerner it’s like being on another planet. All impressions you may have had about the place turn into chimeras. The Islamic District is about a twenty minute cab ride from […]


Focus and The Art Photographer

By Matthew Bamberg / Jun 6, 2013

If you photograph architecture stick with it until your an expert Catch yourself hanging out a cafe sipping a double non-fat latte? Wearing black? Maybe you don’t yourself, but find someone who does. Definitely take the opportunity to photograph him/her or take a self-portrait if you do. Most important of all, don’t judge yourself as […]


Google Tasks for Photographers

By Matthew Bamberg / Jun 3, 2013

 Google the vast behemoth does indeed rule. All photographers– amateur and professional–are dependent upon the multitude of features it offers. Whether you’re a photographer who has a business of his own or an amateur who wants portfolio exposure, everything you do on the Internet affects your exposure on Google. The primary rankings for photographers are […]


Retro Car and the Rule of Thirds

By Matthew Bamberg / May 31, 2013

Holiday 88 front end Composing part of a vintage auto is a fairly straight-forward task. If you study the above photo almost all of the important parts of the it–the whitewall tire, the word “Holiday,” the headlight all follow the Rule of Thirds. The composition of a photograph should follow this rule, a rule which […]


Canon T5i’s Top Ten Features not much Different from the T4i

By Matthew Bamberg / May 25, 2013

Canon Rebel T5i with open viewfinder screen Last month, Canon introduced the EOS Rebel T5i , a camera that’s likely to become one of the most popular around. Despite it’s size (it’s a dSLR, so it’s much bigger than a point-and-shoot), the images it can capture with APS-C 18 MP sensor are nothing less than […]


Photo Sets–What Type of Photography Does a Hotel Buy?

By Matthew Bamberg / May 20, 2013

Building reflections are a popular hotel photography theme Building reflections with squares and lights Building with beautiful clouds reflecting on it Building reflection with compelling clouds Reflection of classic building on a modern building Reflection of brown building on glass building Reflection of one modern building on another Photo sets are more important than ever. […]

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