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Anti-aliasing Filter Disappearing from Cameras

By Matthew Bamberg / Apr 9, 2013

Can you see the moire in this image? The latest news about new camera models put out by manufacturers such as Nikon is that they are doing away with the anti-aliasing filter. At this very moment you may be asking: What is that, and why should I care? The key to understanding the anti-aliasing filter […]


Sadat Subway Station– Busted Under Tahrir Square

By Matthew Bamberg / Apr 3, 2013

You’ve probably heard about Tahrir Square, the location of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and continuing protests that followed. The site remains a hotbed of political activism and sporadic outbreaks of unrest stemming from the new government led by President Mohamed Morsi, a faltering figurehead who appears to be controlled by the “brothers” of the organization […]


Maintaining a Platform on Google

By Matthew Bamberg / Mar 29, 2013

Google the vast behemoth does indeed rule. Maintaining a platform–websites, blogs, social networking pages, profiles and images–on Google is a chore.  All photographers–amateur and professional–are dependent upon the multitude of features it offers. Whether you’re a photographer who has a business of his own or an amateur who wants portfolio exposure, everything you do on […]


Number One Camera on Amazon

By Matthew Bamberg / Mar 24, 2013

You might be wondering about what the number one camera on Amazon is these days. these days. The fact that the number one camera on Amazon is a Canon is no surprise. Canon digital cameras are usually number one on Amazon. You’ve probably heard that point-and-shoot camera sales are down because of the improvements in […]


Five Reasons to Go to Egypt Now

By Matthew Bamberg / Mar 16, 2013

Being here in Egypt is a transforming experience. Here are ten reasons to go to Egypt now:1. It has become very affordable.    The images we see in the United States are often related to political events beyond any   every-day Egyptian’s control.  Egyptian man on one horse towing another 2. Putting the politics aside, you’ll find […]


Pyramids of Giza–Still a Worthwhile Visit

By Matthew Bamberg / Mar 10, 2013

Egyptian leading camel with Pyramids of Giza in background Just about everyone around the world has heard about the trouble in Cairo. One of the most important parts of this conflict and so-called Revolution is that the rich historical sites that cover the country be kept open and safe now and in the future. Keep […]


Egypt Tourism Suffering from Bad Press

By Matthew Bamberg / Mar 6, 2013

Getting to Cairo is inexpensive these days. If you look at the fares online, an e-ticket to the massive, seemingly out-of-control city is little-more-than-next-to-nothing–$650. To be sure, you’ll suffer from trepidation before the trip, especially if you watch a lot of CNN, glued to the television screen when Tahir Square breaks out into bedlam. Cairo […]


Photographing Flowers Part 2—Cameras and Lenses

By Matthew Bamberg / Mar 4, 2013

Flowers are candy to a photographer. Their beauty in spring gives photographers of all levels a special opportunity to shoot some of the most beautiful objects on earth. You can shoot flowers with any lens, each giving different results, the best coming from a macro lens. While a macro lens on a dSLR offers the […]


Ten Street Photography Tips for the Daring–Part 1

By Matthew Bamberg / Feb 25, 2013

Shoot the freaky Watch for men dressed as woman Street photography is a craft of its own, independent of any kind of other photography. It takes a bit of assertiveness, friendliness and, most of all, astuteness. Ten Street Photography Tips for the Daring comes in two parts, this post and the Ten Street Photography Tips […]

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