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Signs, Signs, and…Yes…More Signs

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 27, 2005

I don’t know how it happened. Some people wash their hands a couple of hundred times a day, a condition doctors have a name for (yes, I realize that is a serious condition that requires medical attention as I saw the Howard Hughes bio flick, “The Aviator”). But there is no given name for a […]


Great Travel Portraits

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 25, 2005

After asking permission to photograph this kid in Myanmar, I stepped back and flipped my zoom lens out (so that it extends far out from the camera) to obtain maximum background blur. I used a 300 mm zoom to get the face painting that’s so common in this part of the world in focus. Just […]


Singapore Windows

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 23, 2005

British Colonial Architecture adorns the streets of Singapore. It’s here a photographer can have a party balancing colors of the freshly redone edifices. At any rate, sorting through dozens of photographs that I clicked and dragged into a folder called “doors and windows” had me realizing that I’d snapped some colorful, sparkling shots of freshly […]


Mao and Shanghai Retro

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 22, 2005

All one has to do in Shanghai for some great shots based on the popular era of the middle-of-the-last-century is hop in a cab (they’re cheap) and go to the Dongtai Lu Antique Market. Taschen Books recently has published books about Mao, the central figure mid-century China. Time magazine last June reported that even though […]


By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 20, 2005

Ahhhh, San Francisco, you probably know the place. Wear flowers in your hair. I stayed at the Y this last weekend. The Central Y. Clean, comfortable, but very basic. After I arrived, I went for a long walk and met an artist. I tested the flash on my Kodak EasyShare 5 Mexapixel point-and-shoot. (The light […]


Shooting for Real Estate Gold

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 19, 2005

Take a look at the image above. Is it artful? Some would probably say yes, indeed. The added palm in the corner gives the image a source point from which the viewer looks at the swimming pool–a kind of peek-a-boo feeling. Capturing images for use in the real estate industry requires that the photographer be […]


Builders and Burning CDs in Mac OS 10.4

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 15, 2005

Just finished a photo shoot for super remodeler and builder John Bernard. This guy works at hyper speed fixing up mid-century modern homes that have fallen in disrepair. The real estate business in my area of Southern California is booming and the builders like to have photographers shoot their homes before and after the remodel. […]


Birds do it, Bees do it, Let’s fall in love…

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 12, 2005

After visiting the Singapore bird park, I can remember walking over the disinfectant mat of this meticulously spotless place. (I guess it has to be with all of the news about Avian flu in Asia). Spending countless hours photographing the enormous collection at the park in some of the most sultry weather on the planet, […]


Travel–Myanmar’s Mellow Melancholy

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 7, 2005

The city of Yangon is 5.5 million people strong. Inside the airport terminal there were only a couple of wooden tables and a few people manually checking peoples names off of hand written list–no computers, no counters, and no duty free shopping. The military personal didn’t seem as menacing as I thought after reading several […]


Getting Into a Gallery

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 5, 2005

It’s early in the A.M. and I’m preparing proofs for the Photographer’s Gallery in Singapore. Matthew (I prefer Matt, however the editors of Wiley went with Matthew for my book “Digital Art Photography for Dummies”) here, working to put some proofs together for Fabian So, a nice gentleman I met while I was traveling through […]

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