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Old Shanghai vs New Shanghai

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 3, 2005

Question: Where are the most cranes erecting new highrises? Answer: Probably Shanghai. Dozens of new towers soar into the air, reflecting the sun by day and luminating on their own at night. As the U.S.A. finds it difficult to break with the status quo (where I live in Palm Springs, CA, the downtown is stagnant […]


Shanghai Digital Street Art

By Matthew Bamberg / Oct 2, 2005

Navigating the streets of Shanghai can be daunting as one steps over pipes, bamboo, not to mention people big, little, old and young, swarms of them taking to the streets in every concievable manner on bike, motor bike, motorcycle, cab (thousands of them) and private car (the latest must-have in China). As the Chinese clear […]

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