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What’s New in Tech for 2014?

By Matthew Bamberg / Dec 27, 2013

Okay, then. The year 2014 is stipulated to be the year of the wearable camera. Guess we’ll see about that. This year’s New Year New Tech Gear on Amazon promises you a slew of devices that even the technophobic will appreciate. Surely, the first tech item you’ll want–a must for experimental photographers–is the iVUE Camera Glasses, which […]


Book Review–Things Come Apart a Teardown for Modern Living

By Matthew Bamberg / Jul 1, 2013

Page from “Things Come Apart” The new book Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living is unique in that it presents images from a photographer who isn’t Leibovitz or Avadon, but just a regular guy from the “golden wheat fields of Saskatchewan.” He takes his photography into the twenty-first century by gathering his […]


Nikon’s Full Frame dSLR, the D600 Cheif Complaint is Clipping

By Matthew Bamberg / Mar 12, 2013

Call it what you want–clipping or blown highlights– that white or one-tone color blast that sometimes appear in your images, a color tone that can’t be fixed and that makes a really good photo not-so-good. Frequent clipping isn’t the only complaint about this camera. Spots also appear in the frame from particles of lubricant that […]